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Ravi Anand Dhirani

Father, IT Consultant & Business Owner


My Bio

After graduating from Newcastle Royal Grammar School in 2015, I moved to London where I read Mechanical Engineering at Queen Mary, University of London graduating First Class with Honours. After completing my degree I began a PhD in Material Science at Queen Mary, University of London. 

Parallel to my studies I began a career in IT and Cybersecurity consulting - growing Ravnar Ltd as a botique London consultancy with a trusted and reliable team. Boasting a range of clients across multiple industries - we provide bespoke technology solutions that drastically improve client processes and increase profitability. 

Integrating technology safely and securely into our daily lives is my largest passion. 

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Past Experience

Past Roles



February 2022 - Present

  • I have recently joined Capacitas as a Consultant. I am involved with performance testing of servers both on premise and cloud based. This involves scripting tests and injecting load from other servers to evaulate the performance of the target system.


Ravnar Ltd

July 2021 - Present

  • I have gone from £250 per month freelancing IT consulting job to managing 4 high net worth clients, and 3 charities.

  • I personally have been able to generate £60,000 profit, whilst still doing a Full Time PhD in Engineering at Queen Mary University of London with a full scholarship.

  • As a qualified environmental manager, I have saved one of my clients over £10,000 in electricity bills, from a one day technology audit, that identified processes and equipment that were redundant or broken.

  • I have now hired three members of staff who run the business and manage the clients, as well as develop new technologies and processes to create new products. 

June 2020 – February 2022

  • I managed the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, provided IT support in Office 365 cloud services for all employees, monitored and prevented cybersecurity breaches, and designed bespoke security policies and data flow for end-users, to protect the company.

  • I constantly assessed and improved cybersecurity policies within the organisation. By introducing Multi-Factor Authentication to the staff log-in portal I improved cybersecurity by 100% whilst staff work from home. Prior to my involvement the system had huge vulnerabilities.

  • I centralised DNS management on the Microsoft Azure allowing me to add SPF, DKIM and DMARC. This strengthened security around all owned domains and reduced administration tasks.

November 2017 – February 2022

  • I led the Cloud Migration project from server-based to Microsoft Azure cloud-based solutions. I was able to successfully transfer data whilst all members of staff remained at 100% operational capacity. This prevented a 14-day loss in company time and ensured staff were able to work fully remotely prior to lockdown.

  • I was responsible for advising the Executive Director on what technologies are to be used and how they will be designed and integrated into the Fund.

  • By introducing SSD encryption, Multi-Factor Authentication and bespoke anti-phishing mail policies I improved cybersecurity at the Fund. It went from having the lowest form of protection to being fully protected in the space of 1 week.

  • Designed a bespoke company app that connects Salesforce to Microsoft O365, following all modern authentication requirements. This project was as a result of Microsoft and Salesforce being unable to achieve this for the Fund.

Python Tutor


June 2019– August 2019

  • I successfully debugged and deployed 16 individual videogame projects; this is two times more than Fire Tech expected of a Tutor.

  • Wrote versatile, modular code that was deployable in various students’ projects.

  • My extra efforts and strong work ethic were recognised by Fire Tech and I received Tutor of the week bonuses and staff bonuses multiple times as a result.

Consumer Refund Service Ltd

July 2016 - July 2017

  • I was responsible for handling complaints on behalf of customers who were mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) and mortgage protection payment insurance (MPPI). 

  • I negotiated the terms of compensation with various lenders including banks and the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) as part of the claims handling process. This role required attention to detail, good organisational skills and the ability to communicate effectively with clients and third parties and knowledge of regulatory regime for the financial services industry.

  • Dealing with customers’ data required me to understand the requirements of data protection legislation.

  • I gained an understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements for claim management, including client accounts rules. How to set to up and operate client accounts, record keeping and accounting and monitoring standards.


Academic Experience

My Studies

October 2020 - February 2022

PhD Studentship
Queen Mary, University of London

This research involved computer simulations to model the behaviour of super hydrophobic surface inorder to improve their tensile strength using graphene products. 
This PhD was dual funded by QMUL and the EU Flagship Graphene Core 2.

September 2016 - July 2020

Mechanical Engineering
Queen Mary, University of London

1:1 - First Class with Honours - Final year average: 82%

September 2007 - June 2015

Newcastle Royal Grammar School

A Levels - Maths, Physics & Design and Technology

iGCSE - Maths, English Language, English Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, French

GCSE - Design and Techology 

Graduated as a school prefect and student councellor. 

Organized Desk

"Networking should never be a selfish affair. Better it be selfless, and remember for a good deed rather than as a sycophant."

Ravi Anand Dhirani




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